Let's go over the most formative projects that I've worked on the past few years.


Good Job

In 2018 I made a prototype in my spare time of two 'safety hazard men' solving problems by plugging in power cords in an overhead-view stylized office. It was selected by Nintendo and Paladin Studios to develop into a commercial title. The ruleset of 'every object can be moved' and 'everything can be destroyed' posed huge technical and design challenges that we overcame through teamwork and iteration. My greatest personal accomplishments on the project were:

  • Starting the project with an original prototype
  • Creating the first version of the complex 'power cord' mechanic
  • Convincing the team to start doing 'one day prototypes'
  • Getting to work directly with Nintendo of Japan
  • Our team winning Best Game Design and Best Game at the 2021 Dutch Game Awards.


From 2018 onwards I sought to apply everything I had learned and independently develop a game with an appropriate scope for a solo developer. I'm now working on this full-time as of 2021. My greatest accomplishments so far have been:

  • Created a procedural world art pipeline in Houdini
  • Quickly created a rough playable prototype of the entire game, then continuously playtested and improved upon the level design and art.
  • Refraining from a grand public announcement until it's further along in order to manage community expectations regarding its release date.
World Overview - 1
The Intruder 0
The Intruder 1
The Intruder 2
The Intruder 3
The Intruder 4
The Intruder 5
The Intruder 6

The Intruder


From 2013 to 2018 I worked on a survival horror game in my spare time. A mysterious creature tried to kill you every night while you explored the mystery of an abandoned rural town. It started with open-world gameplay which proved to be too ambitious for a solo developer, so I scaled it down to taking place in a mansion during a blizzard. That proved to miss some of the creative spark of the original concept and I eventually shelved the project. My greatest accomplishments were:


  • Making advanced physics-based AI in the Source Engine
  • Making a real-time day night cycle
  • Working with Sjoerd Limberger to create a dynamic soundtrack
  • Learning the creative challenges of starting a game from scratch and the many pitfalls of managing community expectations

Amazing Katamari Damacy

From 2016 to 2017 I developed an infinite runner mobile adaptation of the beloved Katamari Damacy franchise. Katamari's quirky mechanic of an ever-growing sticky ball and the constantly changing scale of the gameplay caused the team a lot of headaches but we were able to make it come together in the end. My greatest personal accomplishments on the project were:

  • Got to work with Bandai Namco on a beloved IP and learned all the red tape and legal processes that come with that
  • Recreated the famous sticky ball game mechanic
  • Managed to figure out a way for the player to progress through many different environments of different scales and with different objects without the interruption of loading screens
Fruit Fever World 0
Fruit Fever World 1
Fruit Fever World 2
Fruit Fever World 3

Fruit Fever


From 2013 to 2014 I developed a fruity match-3 web game called Fruit Fever World. I learned how to work with various disciplines and became familiar with the lifecycle of starting, developing, releasing and expanding a Free to Play web game. My greatest accomplishments on the project were:


  • Building a prototype based on an existing game design
  • Developing that prototype into a shippable product with the help of a talented multi-disciplinary team
  • Learning Spil Games' QA & release cycle
  • Shipping the game and various content updates