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I'm a creative all-rounder who imagines, prototypes, produces and ships games for all platforms. I studied Software Engineering and through years of tinkering and learning from hugely talented colleagues I've also become adept at the art and design that goes into making succesful games.

I'm always chipping away at some personal project. I ran a Team Fortress 2 modding community, I tried to make a survival horror game and these days about every hour I can spare goes into a puzzle platformer called Winder.

Name: Roy Theunissen

Date of birth: 1992/04/23

Nationality: Dutch


Let's quickly go over the few years of professional experience under my belt.

Saves you a trip to LinkedIn.

Senior Game Developer

Paladin Studios - Oct 2014 - Current

5+ years

I joined Paladin Studios looking for more autonomy and creative expression. I had the pleasure of working on mobile games, both original and with beloved franchises such as Galaga, Katamari and Tamagotchi. The promise of autonomy and creativity exploded into fruition in 2018 when Nintendo helped us turn a prototype of mine into what became the critically acclaimed Good Job™.

Game Developer

Spil Games - Aug 2013 - Sep 2014

1 year 2 months

Spil Games generously hired me as a medior developer straight out of my internship and even trusted me with developing Fruit Fever, one of three web games they were working on at the time. They provided a safe environment for me to make mistakes and learn the tricks of the trade. It was here that I truly found out what I like about game development and that has guided my career ever since. 

Junior Game Development Intern

Spil Games - Feb 2013 - Jul 2013

6 months

During my graduation year of Software Engineering I interned at Spil Games. I was an awkward but excited young chap and they took a chance on me and gave me the opportunity to experience professional game development up-close.


Let's take a look at some of the projects that I've worked on professionally and recreationally.

Be warned: some of these contain colour.

Roy Theunissen's Portfolio



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